Kartell in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


et up in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, Italian brand Kartell is best known for having legitimised using plastics in interior design. In fact, for more than 50 years, Kartell has successfully designed and manufactured pieces, which have rapidly become part of the collective imaginary, as well as becoming key players of a bright and colourful home. Worth a mention are: the Ghost and Maui chairs, the fun garden gnomes Attila and Napoleon, the monolithic Bubble Club sofa series and the Bookworm bookcase range. A sort of star-studded universe filled with thousands of iconic designs, which form an incredible collection of over 8000 different pieces. Throughout the years, Kartell has made a name for itself for bold aesthetics, technological innovation and an ironic approach towards design. And because plastics can be manipulated in a multitude of different ways, pieces by Kartell are well known for their multiform quality. What’s more, the brand has received a number of different design awards. The list includes an impressive nine Compasso d'Oro awards, namely the top recognition in the design industry. Furthermore, Kartell has built partnerships with designers the calibre of Philippe Starck, who has permanently linked his own name to the history of this incredible brand.

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