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Lago: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Mind, heart and courage are the compass that guides Daniele Lago in life and work. Born in 1972, he entered the family business immediately after his studies. He has led it to become a reference point in designer furniture with over 200 employees, all of whom are driven to share and interpret in its creative energy.

Daniele Lago tells Designbest about the five keywords for Lago in 2020:  


“The experience of the lockdown has taught us that we must continually prepare to be more flexible. Having communicated with our community of architects, interior designers, dealers and clients, we understood that this would become the central theme of homes in the future. After having created the framework, we immediately got moving on getting our new and important Home Office collection onto the market. I think that future will become more and more a hybrid between physical and digital experiences, especially in the post Covid-19 phase, and that smart working and e-learning will become more central in our lives because they respond to the demands of flexibility.”


“Awareness of today and love for the future are the keys for us in choosing to plan and design in the most sustainable way possible. The big changes during lockdown have brought us to pursue our company policies undertaken over the years even more, following a philosophy of “circular design” in order to contribute to the protection of the natural ecosystem. We have been following a path of hybridization between culture and profit for years with the conviction that social and environmental sustainability must and can coexist in constant equilibrium. That’s why we are working on a finish that could significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of Lago products.”


Continuous research in the field of materials that is aimed at cross-sectional use and high performance has brought us to develop exclusive solutions. The innovative XGlass, which allows for the transferring of images onto fabrics, is proof of this approach and has become the absolute highlight in LAGO’s products and systems. Beginning with the individual, the center of every design idea, and with the goal of improving the quality of life and work, LAGO has rolled out its furniture, giving life to easily sanitized objects—thanks to the glass tops on suspended furniture—and fit for every type of interior.


“The brand’s marked digital culture has allowed us to keep our relationship with our community alive during the lockdown, and especially look towards the future by immediately offering a series of innovative solution like online furniture consultancy, the online configurator and webinars to communicate with consumers, architects, designers and retailers directly from one’s home in complete safety. This recent period has put an end to a certain type of pre-digital 20th century culture in order to give space to a more fluid approach to the management of business and one’s private life.”


“The traditional LAGO systems will be the stars of original and unexpected compositions: a series of versatile modular systems which can be integrated with one another and furnish every room of the home and spaces that gravitate around the borders of the domestic environment. The System 36e8®, the 36.8 cm per side square module, has changed the paradigm of storage, delivering a new compositional freedom to the public; other systems like Air, LagoLinea, 30mm and Et Voilà will be the true stars of the new Alphabets catalog. They are aesthetic and dimensional codes that are able to be integrated with one another and create complete and developed interiors that can be expanded to various areas—from the living room to the kitchen, the bedroom to the kid’s room, the bathroom and the studio.”



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