Lago in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


ago is an innovative and dynamic Italian brand, best known around the world for fresh design concepts. The brand’s philosophy revolves around the theory of “Interior Life”; this draws a direct link between different emotions and spaces. This theory is fully expressed in versatile products, which can be freely assembled to suit individual space requirements and a direct comparison could also be made with jigsaw pieces. With ties to late nineteenth century craftsmanship, the Lago production changed considerably as time progressed. In fact, around the 1980s Largo chose to turn its complete attention to top-quality interior design. Facilitator was young designer and entrepreneur Daniele Lago, who well aware of changing tastes coupled with his own creative flair, pushed the brand to gain acclaim on the international design scene. Today, the Lago production mainly focuses on modular units: the 36e8 system, which can be adapted to any space in the home; the Air system, which includes modular soft furnishings and beds; the N.O.W. wardrobes available in a multitude of different styles.

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