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Lema: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Angelo Meroni, is President of the Lema Group. Born in 1962, he attended the Università Cattolica in Milan, but soon abandoned his studies to join the family business. From early on he dealt with production and cultivated his greatest passion: working with the world of design and its leaders, architects and designers. The Lema Casa collections come from these collaborations, creating tailormade projects alongside the Group’s contract sector divisions. Meroni’s leadership stands out for his vision and determination. These qualities have brought the Group to establish itself on the international stage with a refined and sober idea of lifestyle.

Angelo Meroni a tells Designbest about the five keywords for Lema in 2020  


“Lema’s new proposals are made to communicate between one another while at the same time they exist as single pieces and fit personal lifestyles. The designs are rhythmically and stylistically different from one another but their harmonies come from one single score. They are part of a balanced whole that absorbs the company’s identity by once again revealing Lema’s ability to unite various personalities in one unique collection. We have solidified this characteristic through the new claim of “The art of dialogue”. It is a complex concept where dialogue represents both an idea of the home as a privileged space of relationships and sharing, the encounter of the forms and materials, and the aesthetics and functions that characterizes Lema’s proposals. It is once again a dialogue that expresses the relationship between Lema, its products and the public.”


“Those encounters with the designers that create our projects. The new releases of 2020 include those with leading designers who have already worked closely with Lema like Piero Lissoni, Lema’s art director since 1994, Chiara Andreatti, Roberto Lazzeroni, Matteo Nunziati and Francesco Rota, alongside new collaborations with Gabriele and Oscar Buratti and Federica Biasi.”


“Lema’s DNA has always been linked to modularity and customization. Lema was the first in Italy to introduce a system a tailormade freestanding system like Selecta and the Armadio al Centimetro program. It is a unique proposal on the market that this year gets enhanced with new aesthetic and technical contents. There are fantastic new releases like the completely glass wardrobe Tlan, a transparent display that is characterized by a new system of frames that hold up doors and panels in an interplay of absolute transparency. This systemic approach is at the foundations of 2020’s various projects, also as far as the loose and upholstered furniture worlds are concerned. Gullwing by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti interprets the idea of a system in a project of tables where the sculptural structure holds up tops with completely different materials, dimensions and forms. Another perfect example of Lema’s modular and versatile personality is the new Venise floor sofa, also by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. It is an elegant proposal, strongly characterized by formal expression and its dimensional and spatial layout, defining its own systemic personality and versatility. It is a project with infinite possibilities as contemporary interior design trends demand, which in the landscape of indoor spaces, whether the residential or concept sector, conceive of the sofa as a highly customizable, complex compositional system. It is a multifunctional sofa where at one moment the space is dedicated to relaxing and in the next to socializing.”


“Highly customizable series that reaffirm the importance of the meeting between the efficiency of advanced industry and data expertise with a profound artisanal tradition. Each project is characterized by the possibility of being able to choose various finishes and materials. We have introduced new finishes and new materials: reconstructed Candoglia White marble, porcelain stoneware for the table tops and liquid bronze.”


“There is news with regards to the way we present our products which, in the absence of Salone del Mobile and the possibility of face-to-face contact with the public, have gone virtual, further increasing the process of digitalization we have recently developed, even launching personalized consultancy services and online courses. The story of the new releases is marked by new keywords and original communication tools supporting the commercial presentation of all the new collections, starting at the end of June. Video teasers with the stories from the designers and descriptive tutorials also supporting the commercial network will be the voice and face of Lema.  Additionally, in more big news for 2020, Lema has a new website and has also inaugurated its own e-commerce platform (at the moment reserved for domestic market). A project based on the precise desire to continually nurture the relationship with end users, professionals and the private sector by offering an omnichannel experience.”



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