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Living Divani: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Carola Bestetti began her career in the family business, as the second generation, in dealing with exports. Gifted with an innate sense of creativity and rare capacity to perceive contemporary cultural and aesthetic demands, she developed passion for the world of design. This drove her to dedicate herself to define new collections in perfect harmony with the art director Piero Lissoni. Carola Bestetti’s enthusiasm and ability to dialogue confirm the uniqueness of Living Divani as a dynamic company which is able to take on the challenges of the market and contemporary lifestyle. Carola Bestetti simultaneously manages the marketing department and the company’s communication.

Carola Bestetti tells Designbest about the five keywords for Living Divani in 2020:  


“The world family is symbolic because it represents what Living Divan is—a second generation company who last year celebrated its 50th anniversary—and captures the story of its new collections, where products do not come by way of contrast, but rather arrive through a continuity and consistency with the previous ones, creating a dialogue between them. Therefore, this concept has a deeper meaning of belonging. The age in which we live is leading the consumer towards changes in style and demands. They are evolving into a search for real value and curiosity about “who is behind the company and the product”, in order establish an authentic relationship beyond this brand’s notoriety, quality and beauty, which are 100% Made In Italy. Living Divani creates constantly more structured, composite and refined collections, where existing families grow and expand the brand’s ethereal and refined vision of beauty.”


“Behind the simplicity of each Living Divani piece, there is in-depth knowledge of the subject that pushes the limits of structural possibilities to lighten forms as much as possible. The latest expansion of the Era by David Lopez Quincoces is a good example. It is composed of various pieces of furniture (a chair, armchair, easy chair, sofa, settee, nightstand and low tables) that can exist on their own or be harmoniously composed. The new Era Scrittoio desk is an object with graphic lines and refined material and chromatic combinations. The veneered wooden top, the sides and front of the colored drawer, gunmetal gray tubular steel and brass feet create a harmonic composition in the space. It is a precise image that focuses on the essential, but that does not give up on exquisite material charms for true connoisseurs.”


“What will the new Floyd be like? What will the new Floyd be called? The new Floyd is called Floyd but it becomes a Hi 2 System. The new Floyd becomes a modular system. The new Floyd gets a new foot and is a tad less sculptural than the previous one, but is no less Floyd. Floyd floats, Floyd grows and becomes a new family. Floyd allows us to sit down on the edge of the cushions or throw ourselves onto it. A new classic with a contemporary vocation that is open to customization, composition and contamination, the Floyd-Hi 2 System has been thought of to bring impeccable elegance to every space.”


“With its neutral lines, Living Divani’s design answers to timeless aesthetics and does not allow itself to be influenced by passing trends. This can be seen in Bloom and Wall—two products that are celebrating 20 years of success this year, never ceasing to amaze, comfort and play with those who experience them. Just like nature, which cyclically repeats itself, the Bloom armchair designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga never tires of being reinvented in new representations that allow everyone the freedom to express themselves in reinterpreting it. Many people have sat on the Wall sofa; some people chose it 20 years ago; others continue to choose it without knowing that this model, designed by the forward-thinking Piero Lissoni, represented a plunge into modernity: a launch pad for the new millennium of Living Divani. From its evolution other models were born, ones that still represent the brand’s iconic appeal like Extra Wall and its softer variant Extrasoft.”


“Formal simplicity combined with the complexity in production and the meaning of everyday luxury based on pure aesthetics and quality in details make up Living Divani’s stylistic features. Clean lines that highlight geometries and volumes as much as possible are the secret ingredients that have transformed simple products into icons over the years with fluid and vibrant lines that create striking graphic elements in space.”



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