Marazzi in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


arazzi is an international brand, which has grown from a century old tradition of handmade pottery. Throughout the years, Marazzi has become one of the leading names in the tiling industry.  What's more, Marazzi is best known for having pioneered many new technologies, which have rapidly been adopted by other firms around the world. This firm has also built fruitful partnerships with top international designers; this list includes Giò Ponti and some of the most influential names in the world of fashion ( Biki, Rabanne and Forquet). Marazzi constantly strives to raise the status of “the tile”, from that of a commonplace object to that of a key component of interior design. Be it domestic buildings or iconic architecture, Marazzi “dresses” the home just like clothes dress a person, adding great aesthetic quality; helping to create refined spaces of unquestionable beauty.

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