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ph: courtesy Mentemano 

| Designbest editorial staff


entemano: the Milanese brand’s name already reveals what is in its DNA (‘mente’ is Italian for mind and ‘mano’ means hand). “Is it the mind that guides the hand when making furniture, fulfilling its function, or is it the function—the hand—that stimulates the mind for creating design?” asks the architect and brand’s creative director, Nicola Gisona.

It is a provocation to get us to reflect on the union between space, material and function. Mentemano was born from a strong architectural background, which gets reflected in each constructive detail. Forms are reduced to the essential, clean lines get transformed into functional décor and the light structures let the material speak. These are the distinctive traits that this brand brings to the Italian scene.

They utilize a few decisive ideas that let all the products communicate with one another and give each piece a strong and precise identity capable of defining the space by going beyond the trends of the moment. To better understand their brand, take a look at some of the new releases: the Less sideboard expresses its strength “by subtraction” by highlighting the supporting structure to play with the More accessories; the Keplero low table with suspended shelves looks to its tubular structure while seeming to dance in mid-air; while Spider, the archetypal wooden table, simply rotates its legs and offer us an unexpected theatrical effect.

Iconic and timeless, Mentemano’s collection blends experimentation and research while maintaining a singular common thread: the objective is to always guarantee the highest quality décor with obsessive attention to details and materials. It’s not by chance that production is carried out in Italy, in the area surrounding Milan, where the best craftsman and industrial workers add value and give a voice to their territory.

No decoration exists as end unto itself. The details are what speak and give expressive power to the design. The result is an easily recognizable signature collection with elegance, restraint and personality.


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