Minotti in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


inotti is a brand with a strong identity, best-known for its contemporary and cosmopolitan aesthetics, as well as having an extremely refined style and material choice. Minotti started in the fifties as a small family-run business that made soft furniture. Throughout the years, Minotti grew to become a large-scale firm, branching out into new fields like furniture design and gradually becoming one of the top names in Italian design. Known around the world for its great attention to detail, Minotti definitely owes its place in the industry to the superior quality of its upholstery: in fact, each time the brand launches a new furniture series it also brings out its companion fabric collection. Besides a wide selection of sofas and armchairs, Minotti also designs and manufacturers furniture for the outdoors, living rooms (from tables to seating) and bedrooms. Since 1997, Minotti has worked in partnership with Rodolfo Dordoni, one of the most renowned designers on the Italian scene, who in turn has contributed to strengthen the brand’s global identity. 

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