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Moretti Compact: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Giuliano Moretti is the head of Research and Development of Moretti Compact. He entered the family business at his father’s, Gisfredo Moretti, side at the beginning of the nineties. He contributed to most recent choices in the development and management of production processes and strongly believes in the possibility of creating a product that is conceived and designed to emphasize comfort, design, versatility and functionality in a balanced synthesis and unique style that has made Made In Italy great throughout the world.

Giuliano Moretti tells Designbest about the five keywords for Moretti Compact Compact in 2020 :  


“To speak of creativity while starting from a series of extremely linear furniture with modern and minimal design might seem very difficult. And yet every Moretti Compact product is a unique and original product thanks to the variety of décor solutions that can be composed by starting from the elements at one’s disposal. Creativity is the fundamental ingredient that allows us to continually invent new solutions for the necessities that emerge day to day. Creativity is thinking and designing transformable, intelligent, retractable and multifunctional solutions: modu-lar furniture, walk-in closets, sofa beds, wall-mounted desks. Everything is made with a view to space-saving and with an eye also on furniture dynamism and safety. It’s continually truer that the home is becoming a bit like a suit we wear and wish to tailor and modify as tastes change.”


“The continual evolution of taste and the demands of furniture place us in front of the need to continuously study in order to be in line with the times and satisfy the increasingly more specific and urgent requests of individuals. Simple technological updates are no longer enough: our goal must be to anticipate the times and respond in the most efficient and fastest way possible to the new requests that wellness in the home demands. Quality and eco-sustainable raw ma-terials, more advanced mechanisms and functions, productive processes that respect the envi-ronment and the people who work are just some of the areas in which our anxiety to do research develops and takes place.”


“When one thinks of a piece of décor, naturally one thinks of its function and role. Design has brought us to think that accessories must be beautiful but also functional. In our thinking an object can even have more than one function because apartments are smaller and vital spaces have been reduced which forces us to furnish spaces in an extremely functional way. Moretti Compact products are continually more flexible, versatile and almost tailormade to respond to the single needs of daily living. Beds that are also containers, wardrobe sides that become bookshelves, loft stairs that are also drawers: there are many pieces whose functions are defined based on one’s needs.”


“The home, our dwelling space is more and more understood as a safe location, the place where we protect ourselves from the dangers outside. This need of security has become even more urgent after the recent threats due to the pandemic. At times we don’t realize that the in-doors of our homes can be sources of danger, especially considering children. This thinking has guided our choices and actions, bringing us the Certified Safety brand, awarded by the technicians of COSMOB, who certified that Moretti Compact’s products have undergone chemical and me-chanical-physical tests to establish the absence of any risks in order to guarantee the safety and reliability of the furniture. Additionally, the Qualitas Premium Hi Quality InDoor certification at-tests to the low percentile of volatile organic composts (including formaldehyde) given off by furniture.”


““Made with love” is our motto and the thinking that guides our actions. In a historical period like the one we are living, where concern for the environment and people come first, care be-comes necessary and urgent for every business. It is positive thinking that makes us consider a piece of furniture not as just a simple product but a tool for wellbeing, an object that must fulfil one or more functions and simplify the lives of those who use it. Care is also being eco-sustainable, a trend that is not new to Moretti Compact. Over the years many of our choices have been made in order to respect the environment and important ethical values. Caring is thinking one is able to work while restoring the harmony between man, nature and technology.”



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