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Novellini Group: the showroom of the headquarters in Romanore (MN).

| Designbest editorial staff


ulture is not only knowledge, it’s the ability to do things well”. This is how Barbara Novellini, president of the Novellini Group, begins when she introduces her firm, a brand started as a family-run business that she now manages with her brother Marco. And as he describes the production of shower cubicles, Marco can't avoid lighting up as he explains he was born in one of those.

Novellini is a bona fide Italian firm (made in Mantova) in fact, started in 1966 as a tiny workshop specialised in cast-iron and aluminium products. Subsequently, thanks to Gianfranco Novellini’s foresight (Marco and Barbara’s father) the firm became one of the trailblazers of bathroom décor around the world, transforming the Novellini Group into the largest European manufacturer of shower cubicles, cabins and whirlpool bathtubs.

Barbara and Marco illustrate their family’s history in an elegant and restrained way, yet their emotional attachment transpires. From their account, solid values and the firm’s profound respect for work and people is instantly apparent. And this is the main strength of the Novellini family, who have never betrayed their background and have always strived to support their local territory as well. In fact, they understand that their family’s future lies in the area around Mantova and because of this, they opened their first 700 sqm showroom in the Romanore (near Mantova) headquarters.

“We are loyal and proud of our origins” Barbara Novellini explains “and the designated location for such an important event could be none other than the same land that has always supported us and made us feel at home”. This is why the factory was entirely established and expanded in this location: a huge factory, a small city in another city (that extends over 250.000 sqm) that focuses on true innovation and includes a robotic warehouse, a test area in which new technology is experimented and examined as well as a multimedia room in which the brand’s history is illustrated.

Family values are the driving force behind every activity: subsequent generations have stressed the importance of dedication, passion, creativity and staying true to the principles that were handed down. And above all, a desire to hand down an appreciation for beauty and the ability to do things, the same culture that Barbara Novellini herself has described from the beginning. It’s no coincidence in fact that she has oversees the entire production cycle, constantly placing people at the centre of every decision. The company’s ethics revolve around a production method that focuses on “doing well” as well as paying great attention to every production detail, such as the choice of the materials or the quality-control tests run on the finished articles.

Fifty years along the line, Novellini’s trademark remains wellbeing at 360° and this includes sustainability, excellence and constant experimentation. For this reason, too, Barbara and Marco have decided to refresh the brand’s image, to highlight once again the innovative soul that propels this company. Besides the new showroom, there’s a new logo too that illustrates two stylized drops of water that symbolize the bond that exists between the two siblings and their family’s tradition, carried on with grit and determination. “A drop of water is perfection. A drop of water is life. A drop if water is a sensorial experience” Barbara and Marco remind us. And Novellini in fact, includes every aspect in its mission.


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