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Novodomo: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Giuseppe Rigato, Novodomo's Strategy Manager, has worked with the company since the brand’s founding after having accumulated decades of experience consulting companies in their startup and development phases. While offering fundamental support in organization and management, he is also its main commercial contact as well the creator of sales channels and strategic partnerships. He has always served a managerial and communication role with the passion and conviction of someone who believes in the wonderful things which can be created in our country thanks to its style, beauty and ability to get things done.

  Giuseppe Rigato tells Designbest about the five keywords for Novodomo in 2020.  


“Novodomo was founded in the Asolan hills, an area which has always been devoted to making high-quality accessories, shoes, furniture and upholstery from textile and leather manufacturing. Those who work at Novodomo, from its founder to its collaborators and artisans, have deep links to tradition. From an early age they have been around workshops, touching wood, hides, steel and metals with their hands; they have learned to recognize and use tools, from the simplest and oldest to most modern and innovative ones; and they have instilled the items they create with the art, passion and craftsmanship passed on from generation to generation. You can understand that we are speaking about much more than a piece of furniture just by speaking with our artisans, by listening to their detailed descriptions of the production processes, the materials used and the solutions studied to overcome ever-changing technical problems. Roots are of primary importance and make up the beating heart and soul of our final products.


“At Novodomo it is impossible to not do good work. Really! If you ask our artisans to make a chair, table or chaise longue by saving money on the structure, by using lower quality materials or by taking it easy with the fixtures or stitching, they will respond you that it isn’t possible, they don’t know how and just can’t! Quality for Novodomo means always working at the highest level and leaving nothing to chance. The production process is completely local and gets monitored throughout every phase: from the creative concept to the final product. The precision and care in the manufacturing can be seen in every moment in the creation of the product: from the cutting to the preliminary check of the raw materials, hemming, final assembly, packing and final quality control. The selection of all-Italian raw materials is meticulous and must respond to extremely high standards of quality. Obsessive attention is given to every detail, from the hues of the leather to the precision of the stitching and the ergonomics of the seating. All of this makes every Novodomo piece original and inimitable.”


One of the influences behind the decision to found Novodomo was a dissatisfaction with the presence of beautiful yet uncomfortable products on the market—those designer pieces that are to be displayed in the living room but are impossible to use for more than a minute! Now, is it possible to combine great beauty to comfort? We have answered with a resounding yes. In Novodomo, functionality and comfort are essential to design. Obviously, the product must be beautiful and intriguing, as this is the first thing we notice as consumers; however, if once seated we feel like we are on a bed of nails, something has gone wrong. All of our clients tell us that once seated on our chairs and armchairs, they would stay on them forever thanks to the feeling of pleasure and relaxation of being enveloped and embraced. And this for us at Novodomo brings the greatest satisfaction; it is the crowning achievement of a job well done with passion and attention.”


Who said that cork and fabric can’t coexist? And that mirrors cannot be decorated with metal and oxidized, one by one, for a finish which is never the same? Our collections represent the perfect balance between recognizable features and bold combinations. Knowledge and the understanding of contemporary trends in the world of interior design come together in the creation of a new product. In each item innovation and tradition coexist: the lines that set Novodomo apart are intertwined on each occasion with the sector’s latest releases. The value of tradition and roots always encounter the state-of-the-art technologies and techniques in our works. The knowhow of the past embraces the most modern processes and latest tools in order to shape extraordinary products in all their technical and aesthetic features.


“Novodomo has an artisanal background and, despite increasing its production capacity and creating items in series, it has always maintained great manufacturing flexibility. This allows us to satisfy the needs of clients, professionals, builders and the hospitality industry by customizing products based on their tastes and needs, proposing items ad hoc and working on collections of their creation. The designers and artisans who have given life to the Novodomo collections work alongside one another and are ready to quickly and directly collaborate with those who have projects and ideas to create. We can make a single item, as well as an entire collection. Given the knowhow we have acquired over time, we are able to respond to the requests of those who need matching upholstery and accessories. Flexibility is a great treasure for us. It sets us apart and allows to overcome the technical and bureaucratic barriers that at times exist in much more (too much so) structured competitors.”



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