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courtesy Paola Lenti  (ph. Sergio Chimenti)

| Designbest editorial staff


abric intertwined in an infinite palette; string doilies made by artisans; furniture and objects dressed in felt and woolen knots; and all of this in an atmosphere that exudes poetry. At Paola Lenti, a design furniture brand founded in Meda in 1994, one breathes the air of pure creativity and that uniquely Italian artisanal virtuosity, one that utilizes both research and tradition to create innovative design.

Experimentation is the word keyword for Paola and Anna, the sisters and brand owners who run the business together, and who, with their original conception of contemporary home design, have created a true and unique lifestyle. Technical spins, indoor and outdoor upholstery, the best quality in raw materials and tailormade projects: attention is paid to the tiniest of details. Those are what really count for Paola Lenti: innovative details capable of creating the perfect marriage of aesthetics and comfort.

It’s enough to peak inside the company’s doors to understand that for them comfort is lifestyle: from the office spaces to the showrooms, from production departments to the large garden with the outdoor collections, each corner is a joyous, embracing and colorful domestic landscape that makes one feel right at home.

Paola’s Lenti’s is a magical crocheted world, one where tradition and technology come together in prudence and simplicity; where balance in forms and multicolored shades create a relaxing harmony that never ceases to amaze.

An orderly array of colors where beauty leads one to always do better, and where everything from the armchairs to the little tables, from the sketches to the carpets, is the expression of the curiosity and intelligence of Paola, the brand’s creative soul.

Despite being 8000 m2 (divided in three production areas) with 100 workers, one still feels at home at Paola Lenti’s. One instantly senses the refined and yet warm and informal atmosphere. The sensation persists even while one stops to observe the tailors and artisans at work, or while walking passed the tidy shelves full of felt, buttons, string, pieces of carpets, clippings and scraps of material ready to be reused (because here nothing goes to waste, even a centimeter of fabric finds new life).

Most of all one breathes this brand’s distinctive trait, one brought on by showing great passion and foresight: the ability to bring indoor comfort outdoors and outdoor informality indoors. This is the result of an original vision, where sophistication and style are transformed into versatile, unique and timeless collections made to be mixed and matched. All of this with one goal in mind: designing our daily lives under the banner of beauty and well-being.


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