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Resina Collection 2019, Ragno.

| Designbest editorial staff


n the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the historic Italian ceramics brand launches a new series of collections that show us its unceasing desire to experiment creatively and technologically.

Founded in Sassuolo in 1949 by Afra Fontana and her husband Romeo Giacobazzi with the entrepreneur Vincenzo Gibertini, Ragno was one the first true Italian factories in the Sassuolo ceramic district. This district arose in 1741 when a part of the town’s bourgeoise established a joint stock company for the production of majolica. They were then granted monopoly over the entire duchy by Francesco III d’Este.


Its name was inspired by the hard-working nature of the arachnids. In fact, the company used a stylized spider as the its first logo. At the end of the 1950s when the first glazed tiles were made, Ragno launched the production of a tile created with discarded glaze mixed with broken glass bottles that was used in the flooring of the Olympic village in 1960 games in Rome. It was a huge success that gave the Sassuolo company international notoriety and paved the way for tiling production where innovative technology went hand in hand with aesthetic experimentation for eclectic and contemporary design.
The company has distinguished itself throughout the years and through various changes— from the loss of Romeo Giacobazzi in 1978, to the prudent direction of Afra Fontana and its entrance in the Marazzi Group—with a philosophy based on love for the land and a decidedly contemporary spirit.


And when love for the land (as a raw material) is authentic, it goes hand in hand with respect for the planet. A not self-evident equation that for Ragno is the key principal in its philosophy: “Loving ceramics means respecting nature”. A priority that in practice means always being more responsible and respectful with regards to the ecosystem. They do this through an attentive use of natural resources and investment in systems that sensibly reduce the consumption of materials and water in the production cycle.
70 years in which everything has changed except its primacy in quality and innovative ingenuity, of which the new collection is a perfect example. An indisputable ambassador of excellence in the world of ceramics since 1949—happy birthday, Ragno!


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