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Riflessi: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Luigi Fammiano decided to take over a small Abruzzi business in Ortona special-ized in the production of mirrors. And thus, began the entrepreneurial adventure of Riflessi, whose success is due to his successful intuition: bringing together the territory’s artisanal knowhow with a tailored idea of furniture, conceived to meet the growing requests of customization by customers. In an interplay of reflections, Luigi Fammiano unites apparently conflicting worlds -craftsmanship vs. industry- adding unprecedented value and quality to contemporary furniture. Luigi Fammiano is President and CEO of Riflessi.

Luigi Fammiano tells Designbest about the five keywords for Riflessi in 2020:  


“Our approach to and our desire to give the customer the opportunity to choose between the widest range of customizations possible, to make each piece completely tailormade like suit.”


“We believe in design that is always in step with latest technologies and we continually invest in innovation, both in production and the final product, so that our furniture is always at the cutting edge with regards to functionality and aesthetics.”


“Being “Made in Italy” for Riflessi not only means being an Italian company with factories within the territory. It also means being an institution where the creativity, the design, the production and raw materials—down to the final screw— are Italian.”


“Meaning respecting our heritage, which is made up of people, artisans, traditional manu-facturing and excellent raw materials. The connection with the land also brings pride and gratitude for our priceless social heritage, which as a company we are always committed to supporting and sustaining.”


“We work so that our furniture guarantees the maximum amount of comfort and flexibility. However, comfort also means finding furniture with which one feels at ease, and that is completely customizable, in order to respond the client’s needs and home.”



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