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60 candles for Rimadesio!

| Designbest editorial staff


uring its 60 years in the business, Italian brand Rimadesio has been making waves worldwide mainly due to its sleek style and refined aesthetics. Set up in 1956 as a small glassmaker (Rima Vetraria in Desio, north Italy), Rimadesio rapidly grew to full industrial production, nonetheless it has always continued to use top-quality materials like glass and aluminium. This kind of linear growth is precisely what moulded the brand’s signature style. And throughout the years, production grew to include a variety of different product types: doors, modular storage systems, walk-in closets and tables. What’s more, the history of Rimadesio has been marked by a number of important milestones: the Modulo mirror in 1978, namely the first modular system ever to be designed and manufactured by the brand; Sipario in 1992, the first sliding door system to come out; Abacus in 2009, a multipurpose storage system. Innovation, an effort to preserve natural resources and a reliable customer service; these are just some of the brand’s core value. Finally, we are extremely happy to wish Rimadesio happy 60th birthday! 

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