Scrigno in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


ithout a doubt, Italian brand Scrigno owes its great success to its patented sliding counter frame, a brilliant idea which has revolutionized the door and window industry. The real innovation is in how the door panel slides within the wall cavity; this is also a great space-saving solution. Since it started in 1989, Scrigno has made a conscious effort to improve the level of comfort and aesthetic quality of the homes we live in. In fact, with an impressive 300 thousand counter frames sold each year, Scrigno designs and manufactures doors and window frames in a vast range of styles, which can be customized to suit individual space requirements. From conventional to sliding doors and frames, pieces by Scrigno are extremely practical, and can be fitted with a variety of different technical extras like an automatic door opener or a soft-close mechanism.

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