Somnium by Imaflex in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


utting edge technology and craftsmanship; this is what matters most at Somnium by Imaflex, a leading name in the mattress and pillow industry. Through an extensive analysis of materials, ergonomics and health issues, Somnium by Imaflex manufacturers a vast range top quality mattresses, especially designed to meet individual needs. The brand has six main product categories, which depend on the type of structure: Helix®, Lattice, Aquapure®, Molle Bonnell, Molle Indipendenti and Elastocell. Each category can be customized with a vast selection of upholstery, padding, individual features and additional technology, especially designed to cater for all your needs. What’s more, Somnium by Imaflex has helped to set up the Consorzio Produttori Italiani Materassi di Qualità (lit. the union for Italian quality mattress manufacturers), a quality assurance watchdog that certifies the end product.

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