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Talenti: 2020 in five wordsparole

| Designbest editorial staff

After having worked for some years in his family’s marble processing company, Fabrizio Cameli decided to move on and set up an outdoor furniture production company. He used the knowledge he acquired in marble processing to create classic outdoor furniture of the highest quality and finishes. The company’s name Talenti is a serious and humorous homage to the talent that many recognize in it, also inspiring its way of approaching its collections. Creativity and talent have become Talenti’s distinctive traits and its way of doing business.

Fabrizio Cameli tells Designbest about the five keywords for Talenti in 2020:  


“For us the concept of furniture goes hand in hand with that of elegance. It is a word that represents a choice in life whose objective is to create harmonious and stylish spaces. Elegance in forms and materials create a concept of décor where every piece makes up the whole and can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Matching colors, varied inspiration and glamour make our products must-haves for a high-class modern outdoors.”


“Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Ramón Esteve, Karim Rashid, Cristian Visentin, Marco Acerbis, Nicola De Pellegrini. We have chosen them to reimagine the rules for outdoor living, to rewrite the history of design starting from the exteriors. Laborious research is based on three essential criteria: open-mindedness, insatiable curiosity and exceptional talent. Our designers possess genius, creativity and style. They create elegant products, propose solutions in form and materials, work with the technical department to figure out how to give form to their ideas. Each of them contributes so that our dreams can continue to grow.”


“It’s not by chance that our company is called Talenti. For us and for me, talent is a fundamental component that expresses itself in different ways and is the difference between furnishing and decorating. I half-jokingly chose the name. My friends who appreciate me and my talent at work proposed the idea to me. In this name, I saw the beating heart of my business idea. I wanted a company that would distinguish itself for talent and creativity and know how to keep ambitious promises, while always starting from a place of humility. Talented designers, collaborators, engineers, technicians and workers—all of those who, in one way or another, make up the human element which is indispensable in order to stand out. And we want to stand out.”


“For me life is a continuous search and, consequently, my company is another example of this positive sense of restlessness. The collaboration with the world’s best designers, the use of the most sophisticated materials and the creation of original and unique pieces are just a few steps we have made over the years. These go hand in hand with the knowledge that those who stop growing are finished. Therefore, we invest a lot in infrastructure, laboratories and technical teams to be able to conceive of more resistant, versatile products that are adaptable to every need in every sector. For us searching is life, and woe to those who think that they have reached the final destination.”


“Especially in a complicated moment like this, it is clear that Talenti is more a family than a company. Those who collaborate with us are part of a family in which working relationships are not reduced to the completion of task, but involve respect and responsibility for each other’s work, with shared success among personal commitments, without which we wouldn’t have been able to reach the goals over the years. Behind the significant commercial success there are solid and sincere bonds that make Talent a people-centered company. Thanks to this philosophy, we have been able to come up with and create furniture that comes alive and becomes fragments of stories that get used by other people.”



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