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| Designbest editorial staff


Sustainability, a push towards innovation, and a business approach which has a clear and ambitious vision of the future are the ingredients which make up Terratina Group, the all-Italian brand which designs and creates designer ceramics. Today it is making its debut in the world of furniture and accessories with Atmosfere, its latest brand.

Terratinta Group is no longer producing just surfaces and floors, but a new style of home design which makes Italian craftsmanship its strong suit. The Group can boast of years of experience in the production of ceramic with its five brands (Terratinta Ceramiche, Ceramica Magica, Sartoria, Micro. and Atmosfere). Today, under the leadership of the art director Francesco Lucchese, it is developing its knowhow by pairing floors with tables, chairs and accessories in a combination of product and interior design.

This new concept, especially with regards to its all-round sustainability, cannot only be perceived in its products, but everywhere within the company. All you need to do is step into its new headquarters to understand the brand’s many qualities and creative cornerstones.

The location couldn’t help but be Fiorano Modenese, in the heart of the main Italian ceramic district: 45,000 sqm., 2,000 of which are dedicated to the showroom and offices, which also include a meeting area, kitchen, gym, and recreation spaces for employees and their families.

Terratinta Group is a people friendly company, where the beauty of ceramics is the inspiration for the work environment in terms of balance and well-being. At first sight you can perceive the group’s DNA: from the entrance to the offices, the common areas and the winter garden (which the common areas rotate around), every inch highlights the symbiosis of the spaces and a strong sense of cooperation can be felt—the life force of Terratinta Group.

“Since the founding of the company, our Group finally has its definitive home” explained the CEO of Terratinta Group, Luca Migliorini. “In the heart of Made-In-Italy ceramic, we are proud to have restored a historic building for our district with innovative and original standards.” This restoration and redevelopment project was designed and carried out by EB studio. This work required a lot of effort, but also brought about great satisfaction as it restored an industrial building from the last century, focusing on the tangible sustainability of recyclable and natural materials and state-of-the-art systems with a lower environmental impact which reduce pollution and increase energy efficiency. “We have created and wanted a space which can welcome the people who work there and get our values across to those who visit”, underlined Luca Migliorini. “We are already thinking about the projects in the coming months like a photovoltaic system which would render us energy independent and a complete renovation of the warehouse’s lighting system.”

Plus, connected directly to the reception area, the new showroom is a genuine exhibition space with a well-defined identity which emphasizes the various brands by highlighting their specific characteristics and the great versatility of ceramics. There is Terratinta Ceramiche, the first brand founded in 2008 which was clearly inspired by Scandinavia with its gray palette; Ceramica Magica, which is devoted to Italian traditions; Sartoria, an ode to color and small format craftsmanship; Micro recalls the style of the Sixties and Seventies; and lastly Atmosfere, the new project founded in 2020 which brings ceramic into the world of furniture and accessories with complete interiors.

Terratinta Group’s new “home” reflects everything the company has reported in its Sustainability Report for the last two years. Everything has been designed not only to make the space more modern and functional, but also, and especially, to reduce energy waste by focusing on comfort and the workers’ well-being. This leaves a mark of all-round quality and excellence which has been made in the name of production that focuses on the environment and a better tomorrow.



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