Tubes in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


ubes is a world-renowned manufacturer of radiators and heated towel racks, its production focuses on design freedom, sustainability and material quality. Undisputed shining star on the home heating scene, Tubes is known for its record-breaking products and their extraordinary technology; this has helped to turn conventional heaters into pieces with high design value. Tubes manufactures radiators in a wide variety of styles: invisible welding, modular, freestanding and energy saving. Real decorative items, almost like small-scale architecture with a never seen before attention to detail. Throughout the years, Tubes has worked in partnership with some of the most prestigious name around like Studio Palomba, Serafini Associati and Stefano Giovannoni. Origami, Rift, Scaletta; these are just some of the brand’s most popular products, real icons in their own right. And this is testified by the fact they’re displayed in some of the most famous museums around the world.

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