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Unopiù: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Christian Rauch, born in 1972 in Bavaria in the south of Germany is a leader that boasts of years of experience in multinational companies in the world of consumer and luxury goods. With a decade of experience in Montblanc, first as Managing Director Writing Culture, Leather Goods and Jewellery at the headquarters in Hamburg, he then covered the role of General Manager of the Italian branch. Christian Rauch, who always been connected to Italy, is known for his ability to create products that balance a sense of beauty with the Italian lifestyle, a mission which has animated the spirit of Unopiù for over 40 years.

Christian Rauch tells Designbest about the five keywords for Unopiù in 2020:  


“Heritage is a fundamental value of today’s Unopiù because we have over forty years of history, and we were among the first to foresee the potential of design applied to the world of the outdoors. The company was born in the heart of Tuscia, an area in northern Lazio nestled between Umbria and Tuscany, which has a history of caring for gardens. Then as now, the company’s mission has always been to furnish every home outdoor space with the same passion, care and attention reserved to the indoors. Every day we imagine, design and create spaces in a functional and elegant way in order to experience relaxing and inspirational moments with an Italian flavor.”


“Design because for Unopiù designing and planning mean understanding the rich history and evolution of outdoor living in Italy and Europe. The soul of Italy is reflected in our way of conceiving of design and in the choice of fine and eco-sustainable materials; but it especially emerges when our products reach their final destination: our clients’ homes, gardens, balconies and terraces. Every day we try to enrich the wellbeing of the people who choose us to create outdoor spaces characterized by luxury and quality—spaces where one can enjoy moments of Italian beauty and elegance. All of our collections bear a refined DNA that gets its roots from the over 40 years of the company’s history. All of Unopiù’s products are designed by qualified professionals of the company’s Research & Development department, or are created by important designers with who have collaborated with Unopiù over the years like Antonio Citterio, Adam D. Tihany, Ferruccio Laviani, Meneghello Paolelli Associati, Michele Bönan, Paola Navone, Marco Acerbis, Matteo Thun, Andreucci & Hoisl, Carlo Martino, Studio Adolini, Marco Piva, and Jamie Durie. These professionals have constantly interpreted the company’s spirit with class and originality. The special art of Italian living has emerged from these collaborations, creating the unmistakable Unopiù style.”


“ Products because the company offers a total-look for any type of space, from city balconies to large villa gardens immersed in the green of nature. Thanks to its complete collections of furniture, structures and accessories, Unopiù is able to satisfy any style requested by the client from the most classical to the most modern designs. All of Unopiù’s creations are made to last and the materials are selected for their unparalleled quality, ones capable of resisting even the most extreme atmospheric agents. Unopiù is the only company on the outdoor market that is able to supply every type of furniture in every type of material and supply every type of design for every type of personal taste. From teak to aluminum, wrought iron to rope, furniture designed by top designers and modern lines, the most classic and iconic furniture, Unopiù is always able to support professionals to find the ideal solutions for its clients.”


“Urban Balcony because, among the many collections introduced in 2020, it is the one that updates Unopiù’s unique and fundamental spirit in the modern world and, for the first time, with solutions fit for the urban world. The collection is probably having lots of success because it represents this particular moment when staying at home for work and leisure has become the normality, and outdoor spaces, even small ones, have reclaimed their dignity. For many people in Europe and around the word, the terrace has become an incredibly symbolic space. Urban Balcony is a new structure in high-quality Iroko wood that can be accessorized and allows one to fully experience balconies and terraces at any time. Created thanks to a collaboration with Meneghello Paolelli Associati, it is a modular, versatile, and customizable system that interprets urban living with a new vision of quality, giving life with a few combinable elements to various functional spaces like the laundry area, a corner for plants and flowers or a study/work space. History, whether true or false, is filled with balconies with an important role from an aesthetic, functional or symbolic point of view; they are architectonic elements with antique origins, sources of beauty and inspiration in art and literature—for example represented in paintings like “Maja al balcone” by Goya, or legendary spaces in the theatre of William Shakespeare. With Urban Balcony by Unopiù every balcony and terrace can become the highlight of a new home design proposal. They are small outdoor spaces that have been redefined, reorganized and are becoming more and more extensions of the home.”


“Digital because we are transforming Unopiù into an increasingly more contemporary company. There has been development in social media, digitalization of communication, business and services, presence in the sector’s online bookstores, portals and magazines, in addition to our exponentially growing e-commerce over the years. It is a great advantage of ours that none of our competitors has, and it allows us to enter into contact with hundreds of thousands of people each month. I am speaking about sites because we have 8 versions of our e-shop. In these days the new .uk site has been added to our .it .fr .de .es .at .ch and .eu sites! This adds huge commercial value, having demonstrated all its potential during the Covid emergency. We closed our 20 stores for two months but internet sales have allowed us to keep the impact of the closure of physical stores in check while remaining in daily contact with our customers.”



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