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Urbantime by Diemmebi, collection Cortina - design Studio Basaglia + Rota Nodari

| Designbest editorial staff


odularity: this is the keyword for Urbantime, the collection of the Diemmebi group, a leader in the sector of collective and public furniture which was founded in 1983. The person is central to this brand’s design and each proposal is an invitation to experience the city and urban spaces with new awareness and style.

This is a challenge which Diemmebi’s name partners, Alberto Falsetti and Giacomo Pavan, have always carried forward, trying to maintain a high level of Italian style and respect the environment, reducing waste and consumption in a supply chain that involves over 60 business partners. In the Urbantime catalog, the furniture is completely made in Italy in 100% recyclable materials that never require upkeep. However, it especially focuses on a fresh look and extreme functionality that is capable of fitting the space thanks to endless modularity both in urban outdoor spaces and private ones.

The recently produced Cortina.026 is a clear evidence of this. It is an innovative project design by studio Basaglia + Rota Nodari in honor of the next XXV Winter Olympic Games. Versatile, robust, maneuverable, modular, stackable, this archetypal bench revisits classic park benches in a contemporary key and becomes a striking accessory for public spaces (attachable to the ground) but also for our homes. The Cortina.026 bench is available in various sizes (180. 120 and 60 cm) and models, to create an outdoor living area also on the terrace or garden.

“We imagined Cortina.026 in every situation: squares, parks, scenic routes, but also private gardens. The single seat is perfect for a remote corner of a park in an invitation to meditate. If it is modulated into a long snake-like version, it creates fun graphical interplays in a crowded square; stacked on top of one another it can be stored in a small space”, explains its designer. “Cortina is a piece of useful décor for designers like us who have always needed functionality, practicality and beauty.”

Made entirely from 100% recycled steel with heat galvanization treatment, Cortina.026 is surely successful for its modularity and extreme customization—even in colors, including new ones in golden yellow and baby blue. Even if it has been designed for the urban sector, Cortina.026 is a perfect system also for the contract sector and domestic spaces, as with every Urbantime collection—from the Busy seating to the tables LEG 03/LEG 04, Ribaltino/Ribaltone and Passepartout, the Upgrade chair/ladder, the Zeroquindici.015 and Ventiquattrore.H24 families, and the MIAMI sunshade. Benches, sofas, armchairs, chaise longues, picnic tables and barbecues that get mixed to and complement one another in order to satisfy every need with youthful and eye-catching style.



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