Outlooks on contemporary design

There are plenty of books about design, and each one of them speaks about something special, unique or historic. However, Sguardi sul design contemporaneo: interviste di Matteo Vercelloni (Outlooks on contemporary design: interviews by Matteo Vercelloni)...


All Gio Ponti in the new book from Taschen

Gio Ponti is the new monograph from Taschen dedicated to the great Italian architect.


Mosaics, Paoli Lenti’s “Giochi delle muse”

Paoli Lenti’s new book, curated by the art historian Caterina Napoleone for Corraini Edizioni, is called Giochi delle Muse—a “game” with over ninety images of ancient and modern mosaics.


Vico Magistretti Architetto milanese

Vico Magistretti (1920-2006), the 20th century’s definitive master of architecture and design, remarked “my real passion is architecture”.


All the best things… design between the lines

“It is well-known that things are more than simple ‘things’.” Thus begins, with a bit of cacophonous word play, the tale of Chiara Alessi—journalist, curator and professor of design at the Politecnico di Milano—in a book that speaks to us about design through Things.


Design will save the world

Faced with the descent of human into artificial intelligence, anthropologist Francesco Schianti’s response is: design will save us.


The Big Book of Design

Looking for a book to take refuge in on autumn evenings that isn’t a classic novel? 24 ORE Cultura presents the Big Book of Design, the volume curated by architect Andrea Branzi...


The online coloring book

Make a black and white drawing to be downloaded and colored in! That was the proposal of Milano Art Guide, who has already brought in 200 contemporary artists on its digital platform...


The first Design History Handbook

It is not just a simple book that talks about the history of design, but a real and true handbook that helps us understand the industrial revolution, technological innovations, enlightened artists, design schools...


Ugo La Pietra and his dictionary of design

Fashion, technology, home furnishings, craftsmanship and the city: Ugo La Pietra faces these and so many other themes in order to narrate and explain design to us.