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Gio Ponti - Taschen

| Designbest editorial staff


io Ponti is the new monograph from Taschen dedicated to the great Italian architect.

It is a rich and comprehensive book with never-before-seen-photos, private designs, archive material and a 60-year tale in 572 pages. Gio Ponti, one of the 20th century’s most important architects, designers and art directors, was guided and inspired by art in his designs where “excess never belonged” (just consider the women who were always portrayed in evening gowns in his residential interiors). Stefano Cascia, the writer, designer and author of this work (curated by Karl Kolbitz and Ponti’s daughter Lisa Licitra Ponti and his grandson Salvatore Licitra of the Archivio Gio Ponti) highlights how much Ponti’s work and career were permeated by art.

While flipping through the large volume one notices the analogies between another extraordinary artist of the 20th century: Pablo Picasso, from their physical similarity to the variety of works created by both and the brilliant and remarkable creativity they have in common.

Ponti designed and built everything: from churches to handles, skyscrapers, wine labels, ocean-liner interiors, and sheets. He also wrote books, edited the magazines Domus and Stile, and worked in countless disciplines with his unforgettable method of dissemination: “show it now, publish it immediately”. One perceives this dynamic man and eclectic artist in every one of the book’s pages; and even more so at the end of the volume where there are the 9 different signatures used by Ponti in his 60-year-career to sign drawings, paintings, letters, designs, furniture, ceramics and fabrics (from the first in 1923 for Richard Ginori to the last logo created in 1967 for Pozzi ceramics).

Gio Ponti is an extraordinary monograph which is also available in an exclusive 1,000-print Art Edition, together with the Ponti table, a reinterpretation of the Planchart Coffee Table by Molteni&C with its famous Arlecchino design and four prints of Ponti’s interior ocean liner studies.



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