Il design salverà il mondo (Francesco Schianchi - Biblion Edizioni)

| Designbest editorial staff


aced with the descent of human into artificial intelligence, anthropologist Francesco Schianti’s response is: design will save us. This is in fact the name of the new book (Il design ci salverà published by Biblion Edizioni) by this anthropologist and professor at the Politecnico di Milano’s School of Design. It is a collection of hypotheses and reflections on design, understood not only as a discipline but as an expressive means of human thought.

A “design of the beyond” capable of contrasting itself with indiscriminating and invasive technology, and indeed going beyond the production of artifacts to once again focusing on the values of human life, living beings and the Earth.

Design means having a sense what the project, the memory, and the home are; and in the pages of the book the author asks himself and us a series of questions that force us to look into aspects of contemporary culture in search of new concepts that could bring us a solution. Do ethics and economics have the same root and reference point? Can schools go back to being schools? What are the features of ethical design?

These are just some of the questions Schianti stops to consider. If it’s true that the pandemic has affected us and deeply changed proxemics (i.e. the discipline that analyzes the relationships between, and the effects of, people and the surrounding environment), in the author’s opinion it is also true that this is the moment to establish or reestablish these relationships and focus on anthropodesign in order to reevaluate the centrality of human beings, in a healthy and ethical relationship with the environment.

The author ask himself “doesn’t design move from the “production of emotions” to the profound interpretation of feelings?” He thus invites us on to deeply reflect upon our future projects.



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