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| Designbest editorial staff


ketches, Maps, Sceneries is the collection of drawings made by Ico Migliore. This new book published by Electa gathers a selection of over 100 drawings and sketches made by the architect over the years which were mostly made in MUJI A6 sketchbooks.

In this book, Ico Migliore, the three-time Compasso d’Oro winner and co-founder with Mara Servetto of Migliore + Servetto Architects, shows us the importance of sketching in the creative process—getting that idea down on paper, focusing on that famous “light bulb that’s gone off”, translating one’s intuitions into images. The response to the question “Space design… why drawings?”, which the architect poses in the introduction, is “drawing is always a quick matter”.

These sketches, drafts and visual notes become fundamental steps in Ico Migliore’s creative process. He explains that the journey towards making an idea concrete begins with the first sketch.

Divided into three sections – sketches, maps and sceneries – the book highlights how important drawing is to the author’s creative process. It is a means for exploring reality and turning an eye to new and unique perspectives. The book becomes a testament to design understood as a fascinating world made up of colors, inspirations, concepts and concrete visions.



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