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Mosaics, Paoli Lenti’s “Giochi delle muse”

| Designbest editorial staff


aoli Lenti’s new book, curated by the art historian Caterina Napoleone for Corraini Edizioni, is called Giochi delle Muse —a “game” with over ninety images of ancient and modern mosaics. The images come from Paola Lenti’s unique perspective and show us famous and lesser known mosaics from an unexpected modern outlook. The mosaics play with remnants of textiles and reveal the designer’s universe in new material connections.

I Giochi delle Muse, in a tribute to handmade ancient art, is a book that transports us from the past to the future in a continuous dialogue between design and craftsmanship. Each page offers us unexpected connections between the eclectic patterns of the stone pieces and Paola Lenti’s favorite materials. It takes us into a world chromatic assonance, where forms and proportions live in perfect harmony, creating an aesthetic that moves us and even evokes literary suggestions.

The eternal and ineffable meaning of beings and things is the philosophical thread which passes through the pages of the book. It’s not by chance that the title recalls the Muses, who created dreamlike mirrored maze of "wefts and warps" with their games.  This kaleidoscope of colors and pairings becomes a source of endless inspiration, much like the age-old heritage of traditional craftsmanship which Paola Lenti has always carried forth with in her cosmopolitan collections and unique experimental approach.  It is a legacy that comes from centuries-old manual tradition and demonstrates the everlasting and inexhaustible sap of Made-in-Italy design.



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