Living Divani 50+30 Book - 25 Kinds of design - 2019

| Designbest editorial staff


ixty-nine pages – composed by words and images you leaf through in the same way as a game that requires your memory and imagination. Sixty-nine pages similarly to the year, 1969, in which everything began, fifty years ago.
Living Divani’s 50 years of creativity as well as the thirty spent collaborating with the exceptional art director Piero Lissoni, pass by in a tiny book that’s an authentic paper masterpiece, a visual narration with a unique concept.

Two important anniversaries, celebrated throughout the year with special exhibitions and events, consecrated by a collector’s item made of paper that light-heartedly as well as ironically, represents Living Divani’s world made of geometry, colours, symmetry and details.

Through 25 of the brand’s most emblematic pieces – 25 Kinds of design – that include objects to discover once more as well as design icons that have left their mark on the way we interpret relaxation, 50+30 Book narrates the story of a company that, from a small artisanal workshop in Brianza, has transformed into an industrial enterprise with an international foothold.
Halfway through the pages, a decisive date, 1989, the year that marked the beginning of the brand’s partnership with Piero Lissoni. The architect and designer has always identified with the brand’s philosophy that favours aesthetic rigour, clean lines and understated elegance, Living Divani’s distinctive feature from the beginning. 

A sort of love affair with several important milestones too, summed up in a playful manner, in 69 pages, meticulously created by hand (learn more by watching the video) with silk screen printing, painting, stickers, yarn and paper pop-ups that bewitch the reader, conveying the sophisticated, young soul of a top design brand.


Video “50+30 The making of”. Credits Living Divani 2019.

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