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Molteni&C: The Art of Living

| Designbest editorial staff


forest on the hills, the canals in Venice, the bewitching appeal of the Italian tradition and modernity too. The Art of Living by Molteni&C illustrates the way in which lifestyle blends with the beauty of Italy, combining different periods and stories. So, from evocative settings to places with a timeless appeal, the most popular pieces of the brand’s Heritage collection are combined with contemporary ones, whereas the icons by Molteni&C blend with the sophisticated kitchens by Dada.

Near Lake Maggiore, in the Parco del Ticino, the first home in “Italian-style” awaits you: Villa Carminati designed by the architect Romeo Moretti from 1938 to 1939. The villa’s two floors and internal courtyard are decorated in a mix of traditional Venetian furniture and modern pieces that serve to enhance, as well as complement, the medieval furniture on display. Here, a neutral colour palette acts as a backdrop for furniture with a timeless aesthetic and contemporary works of art too (by Gabriele De Santis, Marco Giordano, Jacopo MIliani, Alek O. and Santo Tolone).

In the subsequent pages however, the landscape changes and takes you inside Palazzo Querini Stampalia, near Piazza San Marco. Here, are the headquarters of the self-titled foundation that was established by count Giovanni, a house/ museum open to the public from 1869 and refurbished by Carlo Scarpa, Valeriano Pastor and Mario Botta. “We could say that the type of architecture that for us is poetry should be called harmony, similarly to the face of a beautiful woman” Carlo Scarpa wrote. Here in fact, a harmony that pervades all the spaces represents the main theme, similarly to the interiors of the villa by Romeo Moretti. An aesthetic and cultural harmony that results from combining imagination, design, style, personality, avant-garde and tradition.

In an amalgam of the past, present and contemporary-style, the glossy images illustrate the history of families, challenges and visions inspired by the Italian landscape and that Molteni&C translates into emotions and stylistic suggestions, sophisticated and timeless too. Superior quality living takes centre stage.


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