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Ugo La Pietra, installation "Libri aperti"  courtesy: Accademia Carrara / GAMeC

| Designbest editorial staff


ashion, technology, home furnishings, craftsmanship and the city: Ugo La Pietra faces these and so many other themes in order to narrate and explain design to us. Argomenti per un dizionario del design (lit. Themes for a dictionary of design) is in fact an atypical dictionary (edited by Carlo Vinti and published by Quodlibet). It explores the design world and its relationships through around a hundred of the architect’s written texts in response to problems related to project culture.

Each text is coupled with ironic images and meta-design allusions, leading us in a story that follows some of the landmarks in Italian design from 1972 to the present. “When over time the evolution of language passed from a few words to a greater number of expressions, it became necessary to use a ‘dictionary’”, writes Ugo La Pietra, “one capable of listing the various terms and giving each one of them the right explanation. It is possible in a certain sense to compare this evolution to the path traced by design.”

It is from here that La Pietra’s reflections begin. They come from his desire to understand society’s evolution and problems, ones that inevitably go on to be reflected in design and, more specifically, home design. An eclectic figure, one of the most unique of our times, Ugo La Pietra keeps the idea alive that “home design is being at home everywhere” as he narrated in the book of the same name Abitare è essere ovunque a casa propria (Corraini Edizioni,) which will be published in Bergamo on the occasion of the exhibition Ugo La Pietra, tra antico e contemporaneo (lit: Ugo La Pietra, between the ancient and contemporary)

It is an interesting anthology for those would like to delve deeper in Ugo La Pietra’s thought because it explores the relationship between the individual and the environment, an important theme to the artist. It’s not by chance that over time he has created a method called “art in and for the social”—a modus operandi that has brought the architect and designer to wonder and reflect on the bond between space and function. The exhibition, presented by Accademia Carrara and GAMeC Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, displays this through designs, ceramics, installations, a film exhibition and two special projects.

When: from October 26th to January 6th 2020

Where: Accademia Carrara, piazza Giacomo Carrara 42, Bergamo - Italy


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