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| Designbest editorial staff


ustainability, energy efficiency and an effort to safeguard nature; this is what’s important at Drutex S.A. The Polish firm Drutex S.A. leads the European market for doors and window frames and this year, it celebrates its thirtieth birthday.

Since the get go, Drutex S.A. has been successful in bringing together innovative designs and groundbreaking technology. Set up in 1985 by Leszek Gierszewski, Drutex S.A. started life in the iron business, manufacturing fences for the Polish market and then, in 1987, it expanded to include metal wiring.

However, it wasn’t until 1994 that Drutex S.A. established itself as one of the key players in the world of doors and windows. At that time, it had two main production lines: PVC window frames and semiautomatic composite glass windows. Since then, Drutex S.A. has expanded the range of its products, going from aluminum manufacturing (1999) to the production of timber-framed doors and windows (2000).

Today, Drutex S.A. is the largest manufacturer of PVC doors and windows in Europe. To a faithful clientele, it offers doors, windows and glass facades in a variety of different styles and sizes. All products are bespoke and can be made-to-order to suit individual space requirements. What’s more, the firm’s experienced technical team can meet any specification in the shortest possible time-frame; this is especially true when it comes down to top-quality design projects. In fact, you just need to remember that Dutrex S.A. can guarantee deliveries all around Europe in 7 days.

Design flexibility and efficiency are a vital part of this brand’s biological makeup. Furthermore, Dutrex S.A. has always been faithful to its originis as a family-business, even if now it counts the same numbers of a corporation. The result is a vast range doors and windows with sophisticated and modern aesthetics; this perfectly sum up the brand’s reliability, elegance and precision.

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