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Materials and innovations

Argille, palpable ecology from Hdsurface

With its tactile surfaces that adorn the space with silk and velvet, soft natural colors and a textural design formed in the ground, on Earth Day we could not help but allow ourselves to be enveloped by the new releases from HDsurface fusing nature and art.

Materials and innovations

CleanOut by Ragno, microbe-free surfaces

Harmony, wellness, style. These three words sum up Roots, the first collection by Ragno made with CleanOut antibacterial technology.

Materials and innovations

Re-Chair by Kartell, the recycled chair

The word sustainable sums up in just one word our chair for 2021. With recycling in its DNA, optimal ergonomics, impeccable style (created by the gentleman of design), and absolutely versatility....

Materials and innovations

Outdoors: the new style of recycling

Sustainability is the word we have chosen to furnish our outdoor spaces. If staying in touch with nature improves your mood and is good for your health, we should be the first to ensure its long-term wellbeing.

Materials and innovations

Exi by Unopiù: aluminum creates new outdoor spaces

Aluminum is a recyclable material that boasts of optimal technical characteristics. Beyond being eco-sustainable, it is flexible, light, durable, and perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Materials and innovations

Living outdoors in sustainable style

“Urbantime” is a word that seems to have been created specifically for these times, where almost all of us have been thrust into a new urban space.

Materials and innovations

Water, Fantini’s most valuable asset

Sustainability and energy savings are increasingly more relevant subjects, and companies are showing themselves to be more and more attentive to respecting the environment.

Materials and innovations

Bathroom: the latest water-efficient models

One-thousand euros are available to those who wish to replace their bathroom fixtures and taps, as stipulated by the Water Bonus in the 2021 national budget (effective at the end of February 2021).

Materials and innovations

The comfort of wood and the art of origami

Technological wood is the secret of Time, the armchair by Alias designed by Alfredo Häberli, whose nature it is to break the boundaries of furniture design.


Bell Chair by Magis, the elegance of recycling

Light, enveloping, eco-friendly: here are three words that describe this must-have chair for both the indoors and outdoors.