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Re Chair by Kartell, the chair which recycles coffee

What does the Italian coffee ritual have to do with the designer furniture brand Kartell? Well, everything, as far as sustainability is concerned. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2022 Kartell has decided to focus on defending the environment with another high-quality and innovative Italian manufacturer: illycaffè.

World of accessories

Beeswax Wrap, the cling wrap made by bees

Bees can provide us with an all-natural alternative to traditional food wrap called Beeswax Wrap: a new eco-sustainable, organic cotton material soaked in beeswax. Distributed in Italy by 4You Design (www.4youdesign.it), this exclusive cotton wrap revolutionizes the kitchen because it allows one to preserve food in a completely natural way and simultaneously get rid of single-use plastic and foil.

Materials and innovations

Glass Vademecum by Tonelli

2022 is the International Year of Glass and is being celebrated by the UN General Assembly throughout the world. Age-old yet always innovative, capable of shaping trends and exciting the senses, glass is an iconic material which stimulates touch, sight, hearing and even taste when it is used at the table.

Materials and innovations

Le Argille by HD Surface, naturally beautiful

The name of Argille, the new coating from HDSurface, already reveals its ecologica soul. This troweled coating comes from a mixture of clay, cellulose fibers, natural lime and micronized marble powders.

Materials and innovations

Rope, Paola Lenti’s thread

It’s called Rope and it is a “technical yarn”, i.e., the thread which is double knotted to the history of Paolo Lenti. Rope is a synthetic technical yarn made for the outdoors, the first of its kind, and Paola Lenti, the indoor and outdoor designer brand, is a company which has developed its production based on the resistance and duration of this yarn.

Materials and innovations

The bioplastic that comes from flowers

A flower-scented bioplastic is available from Mixcycling, a spin-off of the Vicentine closure company Labrenta, which is presenting the new blends of lavender and chamomilla, i.e., a material made from lavender and chamomilla industrial waste.

Materials and innovations

Ocean by Lanerossi, the plaid that comes from the sea

Super soft, light and 100% green, Lanerossi presents its vision of sustainability together with the Seaqual Initiative and introduces Ocean, the first plaid in recycled sea plastic. The plaid is brand-new and yet is a further confirmation of the philosophy of Lanerossi, which has always paid close attention to the environment and promoted and pursued all-round sustainability.

World of accessories

Wellbeing at breakfast with Eco Conscious Edition by Philips

To start the day out right you need a good and healthy breakfast which is in tune with nature. That’s why Philips has made its new Eco Conscious Edition with us and the environment in mind. It includes a toaster, electric kettle and coffee machine which are made in bio-polypropylene (BioPP), a bio-plastic obtained from kitchen oil waste.

Materials and innovations

Krion™, hygiene comes out on top in the kitchen

Hygiene is a must in the home and the current health crisis has forced all of us to become more aware of its importance. This holds especially true in the kitchen, where viruses and bacteria hide amongst dishes and food.

Materials and innovations

Paneco: from (recycled) fashion to designer furniture

Sustainability, recycling and the circular economy are themes which have by now become a part of our daily lives, and companies and the market continue to place more attention on them.