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Materials and innovations

Water, Fantini’s most valuable asset

Sustainability and energy savings are increasingly more relevant subjects, and companies are showing themselves to be more and more attentive to respecting the environment.

Materials and innovations

Bathroom: the latest water-efficient models

One-thousand euros are available to those who wish to replace their bathroom fixtures and taps, as stipulated by the Water Bonus in the 2021 national budget (effective at the end of February 2021).

Materials and innovations

The comfort of wood and the art of origami

Technological wood is the secret of Time, the armchair by Alias designed by Alfredo Häberli, whose nature it is to break the boundaries of furniture design.

Materials and innovations

The new ceramic is beautiful and healthy

On the one hand, there is Alba (dawn); and on the other, there is Puro (pure): two evocative names that together create the perfect combination.

Materials and innovations

Eco-design among comfort and recycling

Innovative materials with a low environmental impact, recycling, wellness and all-round sustainability. These are the themes we pay most attention today when we think about our homes and furniture.

Materials and innovations

Recycled Grey: Pedrali’s sustainable revolution

“Think green” is Pedrali’s philosophy in launching Recycled Grey, its first collection of chairs completely made from 100% recycled materials.

Materials and innovations

The qualities of Made-in-Italy ceramic. Why to choose it

The world of ceramic has always been a true Italian specialty, because it is where it finds its roots.


Bell Chair by Magis, the elegance of recycling

Light, enveloping, eco-friendly: here are three words that describe this must-have chair for both the indoors and outdoors.

Materials and innovations

Sacco goes green: pop design icon is 100% eco-friendly

Sacco goes green: from expanded polystyrene (EPS) to bio-plastic beads. To mark the 50th anniversary of the famous armchair, a pop-design icon as well as a symbol of 1968, Zanotta presents the exclusive, numbered, limited edition collection, 100% eco-sustainable.

Materials and innovations

Intarsio, history to be worn

Marble architecture that tells its story with lightness. The exclusive capsule collection Intarsio by Budri...