Flou - Colours and Materials 2021

| Designbest editorial staff


ith colors, forms, shades and contrasts, Mother Nature is our artistic guide as she always capable of offering up moving scenes. That’s why Flou  wanted to allow themselves to get inspired by her palette to create their new Color and Materials collection. They have invited us on a journey through colorful worlds to those celebrate inspirations, sensations and images coming from nature in order to help us get back into contact with the world surrounding us.

A landscape noticeably changes depending on the moment we observe it. Just imagine the view from your balcony. Even if the surroundings are always the same, the light and colors completely change depending on the time or season. Most of all, the perception of it changes because it is influenced by our mood and the memories the image brings to us.


OCEAN - Truth and knowledge


MAGMA - Passion and discovery

Flou has studied all of this at length and has chosen fabrics, materials and finishes capable of decorating our homes with a new, more inspiring style that is closer to everyday life—one that is enveloping, positive, intimate, and connected to the outdoors. Colors and Materials has given birth to six colorful worlds which include textures, tonalities and shades of every single palette to help us rediscover and experience the sensations which only colors are capable of providing.


QUARTZ - Harmony and elegance


ARCTIC - Truth and knowledge

It begins with Oasis, the world of greens. A symbol of rebirth and vitality, it is the color that more than any other instantly transports us into nature. And there is also Amethyst, Ocean, Magma, Quartz and Artic—from the most tender sensibility to balance of body and mind, from intense passion to sophisticated elegance, and onto self-awareness. 

It provides all of this in order to help us always feel well and at harmony with nature, even at home.




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