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Altrock (ph. © Maxwell Anderson)

| Designbest editorial staff


he main aim was to transform traditional Terrazzo tiles into a new, stainable material. With that in mind, the London designer Robin Grasby decided to transform the waste from marble production into Altrock, a modern as well as sustainable version of this ancient material that combines Venetian and Palladian art.

Processed by hand according to the traditional manufacturing techniques of Terrazzo tiles, Altrock is composed by 90% recycled materials that include recycled marble flour, recycled marble shavings, marble scraps in different colours that are submerged and bound with a tiny quantity of resin and melted by hand in slabs in several sizes. This process results in compact surfaces with a “chaotic” and distinctively contemporary elegance, perfect for the inside and the outside too.

This material in fact, besides being sophisticated is extremely hardwearing, waterproof and stain-proof (thanks to sealing it with a wax-based oil): the perfect example of the way in which technical and creative innovation are able to reinterpret the ancient tradition. With its endless availability of colours and combinations, this unique material is perfect for bespoke surfaces with a timeless aesthetic.


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