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HDsurface, Argille collection

| Designbest editorial staff


ith its tactile surfaces that adorn the space with silk and velvet, soft natural colors and a textural design formed in the ground, on Earth Day we could not help but allow ourselves to be enveloped by the new releases from HDsurface fusing nature and art.

Argille, the new collection of decorative coverings presented on the occasion of Milano Design City 2021 by the all-Italian brand HDsurface, is an emblem of a sustainable philosophy. What instantly stands out is their intent to focus on the planet and give voice to the essence of the materials, in a clean and pure story that doesn’t allow for compromise.

Born from a continuous search for perfection, Argille is a completely natural troweled coating that comes from a blend of clay, vegetable cellulose fiber, natural lime and micronized powdered marble. A living and breathing material capable of regulating changes in the environment, Argille becomes a decorative element thanks to its granular composition that creates soft reflections in the light and natural wrinkles in the surface.

Its colors come from a blend of colored earths and oxides: 24 shades that range from neutral and delicate tones to earthier and warmer ones with blues, greens and reds. It is a delicate yet robust covering that can be freely customized to provide ever-changing looks with its velvety and enveloping texture, all in the name of greater sustainability.

The Brescia company has carried this philosophy forward for almost 40 years. An ecological approach has always been the impetus for its production, while its signature style comes from a creative process of research and experimentation that focuses on color, material, innovative surfaces and unique atmospheres. They provide coverings which are able to create incredible designs inside and outside. Cement, water, earths and natural pigments are the fundamental ingredients which bring their collections to life, defining a new architectonic concept with an eye on eco-sustainability capable of bringing out emotions. They do all of this without sacrificing expressive strength or performance, which is always top of line and in keeping with the latest trends.



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