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Guzzini, system Tidi&Store - design Pio & Tito Toso (Recycled Plastic - Circle Guzzini)

| Designbest editorial staff


he inspiration came to the designers Pio and Tito Toso: to upcycle the plastic crates from the Tidy&Store range (that Guzzini manufactures in several colours and sizes), to create a glamorous object that’s entirely sustainable too, for inside and outside the house. This idea prompted Guzzini’s new technological challenge, a brand that stresses the importance of innovation as well as making a conscious effort towards ethics, social responsibility and safeguarding the environment.

“Nature doesn’t create waste” explains Domenico Guzzini, the president of this well-known Italian brand “we have to learn how to do it as well”. This is the focus of CIRCLE, a new programme that begins with the material-production-use-refuse chain and continues with a cycle system that revolves around salvaging-recycling-production-reuse-salvaging.

As a result, the Tidy&Store expands to include a new type of crate: lightweight, durable, stackable and above all, made out of an entirely recycled material. Recycled Plastic is in fact 100% sustainable, easy to clean and practical to use: the new crates, in light-grey, are suitable inside and outside the house, they are equally suited as stand-alone pieces or stacked to form a column perfect for keeping your kitchen, bedroom, utility closet and terrace tidy. This simple object brings to mind a traditional wooden fruit crate, although it includes a remarkable technical and manufacturing innovation: Recycled Plastic (identified by the trademark Circle) transforms a simple object into a tool that connects people to the environment.

This philosophy was initially approached many years ago: throughout the years in fact, Guzzini has manufactured a vast range of products that focus on sustainability and safeguarding the environment. The Design Memorandum for instance, was originally created thirty years ago in an attempt to discuss the ethics of mass-produced design and as a consequence, many later products addressed reuse and recycling. RE-NATURE is a striking example, a home accessory series designed in 2008 and made from SAN recycled acrylic.

With CIRCLE, Guzzini doesn’t only address mass-production, as it’s a lesson in recycling too, training the user to think – from the beginning of a product’s life – on the way in which it’s going to be reused in the future and it’s role in a more sustainable future.


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