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Air Cleaning System by Lema for wardrobes Al Centimetro collection.

| Designbest editorial staff


o protect our health and day-to-day well-being from indoor contaminants, this wardrobe takes on a new role. It changes from a simple container and becomes an active instrument, a sort of filter capable of purifying the air and the contents inside.

It’s called Lema Air Cleaning System and it’s a device inserted under the top cover of the wardrobe. Well-designed and pleasing to the eye, it occupies little space (with widths coming in different sizes) and turns on with a simple button. It’s enough to push on it and close the doors to start the decontamination of bacterial charge and damaging microparticles.


Air cleaning System lema

Easy-to-use innovative technology to purify the air inside a wardrobe.


It works easily for us thanks to years of study from Lema’s Center of Research and Development with the Department of Industrial Engineering at one of the country’s most important universities. It’s enough for us to know that the system was born from aerospace technology developed in the sanitizing of space ships (where air quality is of vital importance), and that it comes from a technique widely used in the food, medicine and hospital sectors.

The process is able to eliminate over 90% of bad odors that clothes, shoes and other garments absorb. It activates thanks to the interaction of nanotechnology and a special UV lamp that generates a photochemical reaction from a natural active ingredient capable of destroying contaminants, bacteria or mold present inside and outside the home. As is commonly known, it is mold coming from stagnating air which is responsible for allergies and respiratory problems. It is a system for air purification that revolutionizes the concept of a wardrobe and gives us an easy solution towards the protection of our health.





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