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Unopiù, Exi Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


luminum is a recyclable material that boasts of optimal technical characteristics. Beyond being eco-sustainable, it is flexible, light, durable, and perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s not by chance that it is the key material in the new Exi collection which Unopiù has designed for our outdoor spaces. It is a playful, joyous and colorful proposal inspired by traditional wood and straw chairs once used in the countryside or in doorways for chatting with neighbors. It is revisited in form and material with the addition of tables, stools and benches.

Unopiù’s design challenge was born from a desire to create a proposal in step with the times that was versatile, durable and capable of dusting off the aesthetics of long ago in order to savor in that traditional family atmosphere. That’s why they decided to go with traditional straw chairs and mold them in a futuristic material like aluminum. The seating and surface textures made with laser cuts give the aluminum a graphical and geometric pattern, which become the futuristic detail of this light, practical, modern and slightly retro proposal. The characteristic X shape created by the intersection of the lateral legs on the furniture becomes the inspiration for the collection’s name, which also alludes to the word “exit”. It is a pun Unopiù couldn’t go without making as they have a calling for trendy outdoor design.

Exi is a complete collection for a comfortable and practical contemporary outdoor living space. All the elements that make it up (the chair, rectangular table, table, bar stool, bench) are foldable and space-saving. The bench even has removable backrests which can be freely composed for different seating. And they are available in six shades. The result is a fresh and extremely versatile proposal perfect for the arrival of the summer on the balcony, terrace or garden. Exi creates new contemporary home design scenery which is ready to be set up and taken down (without taking up much space) in a moment’s notice.

Unopiù, who has been specialized in decorating outdoor spaces with elegance and functionality for over forty years, has once again not missed its chance to offer a vision of the good life outdoors in perfect Italian style, but with something extra: the practicality of light and space-saving furniture which you can move around and set up wherever you want.



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