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Faber, Air Hub Hood

| Designbest editorial staff


oday, in part due to the health emergency, the problem of the air quality which surrounds us, especially at home and in closed spaces, is one of most common subjects of conversation. It has been shown that pollution not only influences our health outdoors and, according to the EPA, the concentration of polluting agents in closed spaces are two to five times higher compared to outdoor concentrations.

There are many physical, chemical and biological pollutants which can be found in our homes. It is enough to consider the volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are emitted by furniture coatings and everyday cleaning detergents. There is also carbon dioxide and monoxide and fine dusts which are created while carrying out everyday activities like eating, opening the window and breathing. If we then consider high humidity and temperatures (often created by poorly regulated centralized heating units or poor ventilation), the proliferation of harmful mold, bacteria and fungi become inevitable, even when they are imperceptible.

That’s why Faber has focused entirely on purifying the indoor space by creating a system of hoods which are capable of sanitizing the air. AIR HUB, the new line of Faber hoods, in addition to removing the smoke, vapors and odors created while cooking, purifies the air by eliminating up to 99% of viruses and bacteria thanks to a built-in UV-C lamp. This intelligent and practical idea saves space, time and energy with two devices combined into one single appliance: a T-shape hood and home air purifier.

Just turn on the hood to instantly start up the process of air purification: the Night Cycle guarantees a complete disinfection cycle with a minimum of noise, while the Intensive Disinfection function ensures the best results in the least amount of time.

This is all due to a small centrifugal fan designed by Faber’s engineers. It conveys the air slowly towards a UV-C light which is produced by two lamps. The prolonged contact of the air with the light sources allows for the destruction of up to 99.99% of bacteria by itself without using chemicals. The hoods of the AIR line have a smart system which analyzes the home’s air quality and adjusts its humidity and temperature if necessary, ensuring a healthier home environment. It aims to reach perfect IAQ (Internal Air Quality), the acronym used to define the quality of air indoors.

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