Budri, collection Intarsio - glasses Donatello (Montmartre Black) - design Valerio Cometti   (ph: courtesy Budri)

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arble architecture that tells its story with lightness. The exclusive capsule collection Intarsioby Budri and designed by Valerio Cometti could be defined as such.

After its debut in the world of eyewear in 2016, today this brand has expanded its marble glasses collection by putting increasingly more advanced technology into practice and by using its knowledge of marble processing. The ability to shape this material to its pleasure has always been a specialty of Budri’s. With its projects it is always able to give life to emotions and sentiments that have the look and feel of art.

Intarsio is a masterwork of engineering and creativity and an homage to architecture, art and craftsmanship. In each frame it encloses the entire history, tradition and beauty of the most-prized marble.

It starts from tradition, but it also includes an incredible amount of technological innovation. “In Budri’s factory there is, what I call, the NASA of marble, a state-of-the-art lab where highly specialized craftsmen coexist alongside anthropomorphous robots with a high level of engineering.” explains Valerio Cometti, the creative mind behind the collection. Everything becomes possible here, even working on millimetric “sheets” of marble and combining them with titanium cores. “Working on a project that went beyond mere fashion or a stylistic exercise in order to bring out the intrinsic value of an age-old material like marble has been a breath of fresh air and a challenge that I have taken on with great pleasure” Cometti added. “Not to mention that having all of Budri’s knowhow and passion available is a true privilege. Marble has various porosities and not all of them are fit for creating light and resistant frames. It was really Budri’s team of experts who guided me in the choice and right combinations that gave me the chance to correctly illustrate their beauty and ancient history.”

Research, innovation and respect for artisanal craftsmanship. The nine models (available as glasses and sunglasses) come from the study of ancient palaces and historical architecture in marble. Each pattern calls back to the artistic inlays of three prestigious artistic eras, bringing the creativity of Bernini, Canova and Donatello back to life. There is the Baroque opulence of Ingenuus and Mirium which play with the timeless optical effect of Nero Portoro and Bianco Carrara marble; or the remarkable aesthetics of Parva, whichmixes Nero Sahara, Bianco Carrara and Giallo Siena marble in order to highlight their bold personalities; there is the sophisticated Neoclassicism of Aequilibrium realizzato in Bianco Carrara, Grigio Carnico and Rosa Alba marble which amazes us with its complex workmanship with diagonal lines that extend to the temples; or the sober and harmonic refinement in Ratio in Grigio Carnico and Super White marble and Suavitas in Bianco Carrara and Rouge Du Roi, a deep red marble particularly loved by Napoleon.

Lastly, they do not forget to pay homage to the Italian Renaissance with the harmonic proportions, orthogonal articulations and elementary geometric forms that create Concordia in Rosso Levanto, Verde Alpi and Bianco Carrara, Essentia in Grigio Carnico and Cremo Impero and Mens, the deluxe model in Verde Alpi and Bianco Carrara, which is enhanced by the insertion of pavé zirconia.

They are not simple frames, but true avantgarde gems. If on the one hand it is the culture of excess exuberantly interpreted that creates their lines, on the other there is surely the wish to maintain the historic memory and visionary and sartorial approach of Budri which makes these imaginative accessories of great artistic and stylistic worth. Just think about the good forty production stages it takes to create each frame, in addition to meticulous research into the intarsias and microscopic details like the millimetric screws, which allow for easy replacement of the lenses or sturdy hinges that support the temples.

Their soul is a flawless alchemy of artisanal knowledge and technological manufacturing. These are timeless values in Budri’s DNA, who once again gives us unprecedented, exclusive and timeless style.



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