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Espresso, espresso cup

| Designbest editorial staff


he idea came to a start-up from Berlin: recycle coffee to… serve coffee. The coffee grounds in fact are transformed into extraordinary as well as practical coffee cups. Although recycling coffee grounds has been common practice in agriculture for some time now, using them to make biomass as well as to produce clean energy and household methane, focusing on sustainability and transforming coffee grounds into a table setting is certainly something new. The young industrial design graduate Julian Lechner came up with the idea for a new coffee service while he was a student (and drinking coffee) in Bolzano in 2015: to give a new life to coffee grounds had become a great worry of his. After three years of in-depth study, Julian Lechner managed to develop the perfect formula for creating Kaffeform's (the company he founded) sustainable saucers and cups.

At a first glance, these mocha-coloured coffee cups could be mistaken for pieces of Raku ware, although they are actually made from a combination of coffee grounds (approx. 40%), vegetable fibres, wooden shavings and biopolymers – they are all recyclable materials made from renewable sources – that create a durable material that’s dishwasher-proof as well.

The collection is made in collaboration with the coffee shops of the city of Berlin, who collect the coffee grounds on Kaffeform’s behalf, so they are dried and sent to a protection lab. For a cup you need the coffee grounds of six espressos and each one exudes the typical and intense aroma of coffee.

Weducer, Kafferform’s Americano cup, has won the coveted Red Dot Award for the innovation of its material. Identical in every aspect to the standard plastic cup, this version aims to replace its disposable cousins as it comes with an insulated groove that prevents burning. There's a substantial difference however: Weducer doesn't pollute and promotes, with its deeply-rooted sustainable spirit (in the same way as all the other Kaffeform products), safeguarding the environment.


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