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HD Surface, Le Argille collection

| Designbest editorial staff


he name of Argille, the new coating from HDSurface, already reveals its ecologica soul. This troweled coating comes from a mixture of clay, cellulose fibers, natural lime and micronized marble powders. And it goes without saying that it is completely naturally. Plus, it also features simple laying and a soft and unique artisanal look. Thanks to its granular composition, the simple (and quick) hand troweling transforms the action of human hands into a decorative effect by creating natural wrinkles on vertical surfaces which reflect light in an endless interplay of soft curves and a strong tactile feel.

You instantly want to touch the wall coated with Argille. The collection’s 24 colors (from more neutral ones to earthy ones) have a palpable and velvety material quality. The palette, which comes from a mix of colored earths and oxides, gives life to ever-changing imagery and scenes in a mix of technique and craftsmanship which makes this material versatile and timeless.

A bold yet subtle coating, Argille can be endlessly customized and its look modified through the laying process, each time designing a porous and velvety surface with an irregular look and thicknesses which envelop the atmosphere and change with the light.

Moreover, clay is a totally breathable material and naturally regulates the temperature and humidity of the space. The natural performances of the product are combined to the mastery of HDsurface and results in earthy and vibrant surfaces which are capable of creating moving domestic scenes dedicated to our wellbeing.



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