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Listone Giordano: collection Fabrique design Marc Sadler

| Designbest editorial staff


“Our history is based on a desire to believe in the future” Andrea Margaritelli, Listone Giordano’s marketing manager, clearly states: a family-run business started in the early eighties, Listone’s Giordano’s vision blends past and future. Here, time and history – of things, people, matter - are essential values.

“Someone said the wood is frozen time. It's true, wood writes stories with its veins and translates them into emotions: this is one of the reasons why people love this material”. By conversing with Andrea Margaritelli, it’s impossible not to notice a rare spark of passion in his eyes: for nature, the forest and a material – wood – that has been part of the family’s genetic makeup from the early twentieth century. In fact, the Margaritelli family has been working with wood for over 100 years.

The history of the Margaritelli family is typically Italian: attention to detail, legacy, a passion for well-crafted object, a story that began in 1870 when the great-grandfather travelled through Europe along the railroad-ties (the first product to be manufactured by the family) and returned to the forest. Sustainable forest management is in fact the family’s real legacy, passed down from the Cistercian monks in the eleventh century: Listone Giordano continues to source wood from Bourgogne, in the same region where a long time ago the great-grandfather started the first factory of Margaritelli railroad-ties.

“The firms that expand are the ones that are capable of overcoming every hurdle” Andrea Margaritelli explains. In fact, he illustrates the way in which his family has been able to reinvent itself through the years, reinforcing the ties with its native region, Umbria, the current location of the company’s headquarters.

The family owes their big breakthrough to the professor Guglielmo Giordano, who in 1984 invented a groundbreaking type wooden floor that outperformed the traditional parquet flooring. Non-deformable and more resistant, stable, long-lasting and aesthetically more refined, but above all sustainable. This product is line with the values of the Margaritelli family who instantly acquired the patent, beginning a new adventure with the brand Listone Giordano.

Listone Giordano has a vocation for beauty, nurtured in conjunction with Umbria and its culture, intrinsically linked to a region known for its art, churches, frescoes of the Perugino. This brand in fact, has always made a conscious effort to promote the study, historical research and technology connect to wood, in a constant contamination of natural beauty, artistic and industrial culture.

Listone Giordano’s proclivity for design is a natural consequence, considered as a modern expression of beauty and innovation, able to dress floors with wooden fabrics with a high visual impact. For Listone Girodano in fact, parquet flooring is considered as a live material that resonates through the work of the principle contemporary designers: Medoc by Michele De Lucchi and Philippe Nigro, tree trunks, old planks and traditional saw-tops speak for themselves, while Biscuit by Patricia Urquiola evokes the decorative vocation of parquet with a soft woven pattern and refined compositions and Marc Sadler gives a voice to the birch and transforms it into the innovative Fabrique wooden fabric.

The company’s projects have an ambitious aim: sustainability. In fact, Listone Giordano is the first Italian brand to be awarded for its ethical efforts: the sole firm to be entirely non-toxic, sustainable, starting from stainable forest management.

A forest of 160 hectares near Città di Pieve serves as testament: a forest planted by Listone Giordano for every generation as well as the more recent project, by the sound artist Federico Ortica, Talking Tree - Una foresta suona (the singing forest) trees talk to each other with special loudspeakers that allow you to listen to amplified voices: an extraordinary project, created not only to improve the current systems of forest certification but also to convey how much wood is a living matter. In fact, it is enough to walk among the trees to discover -wonder! - how much wood has many stories to tell.


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