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Urbantime by Diemmebi, collection Upgrade - design Studio Basaglia + Rota Nodari

| Designbest editorial staff


rbantime” is a word that seems to have been created specifically for these times, where almost all of us have been thrust into a new urban space. If on the one hand telecommuting and distance learning are synonymous with the home, the arrival of good weather and the impossibility of traveling are forcing us to rediscover the pleasure and desire of getting the most out of our urban spaces. This has all been understood by Diemmebi, the company founded in 1983 which has transformed the idea of making outdoor public spaces more comfortable and beautiful their mission.

The time we spend outdoors in a city deserves the same attention and quality as the time we spend at home. This is the philosophy at the foundation of Diemmebi’s design, which has always revolved around people and their wellbeing. This is a concept which Basaglia+Rota Nodari studio has fully translated into the art direction of the URBANTIME collection. The catalogue is full of modular benches, chairs, tables and accessories designed to withstand the whims of time and be endlessly used and reused—all in the name of design and sustainability. If on the one hand the inspiration comes from the beauty of cities, the sensations of Italian landscapes and from the cultures found there, on the other hand it is the premium quality which distinguishes URBANTIME by not only focusing on products Made In Italy but on recycling as well. All of the collection’s products have been designed in way to ease their disposal at end-of-life, as all have been made from 100% recyclable materials and do not contain toxic paints. Functionality and color take care of the rest and the result is a collection which gives new appreciation to urban style and a greater awareness to the environment surrounding us.

For Alberto Falsetti and Giacomo Pavan – Diemmebi’s name partners, Italian style is also reducing waste, focusing on completely recyclable high-quality materials, and designing functionality with a fresh touch that can fit into any context and wholly comprehend comfort.



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