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Passoni Design (ph: courtesy Passoni Design)

| Designbest editorial staff


n innovative project has many different aspects: a hi-tech heart, a cutting-edge process, patented functionality, an attentive choice and use of the materials.

An Italian firm with a 70-year long history of love for wood and the environment, Passoni Design’s new materials (natural and unexpected) has won us over for their innovation. They are called Pellevino and Pellemela and are the result of extensive research as well as a revolutionary process of alchemy: the wine-tinted shades are made in partnership with PelleVino Treatment® and combine to “live” components – wine and wood – creating natural colours with unique shades. PelleMela however, is a ground breaking material made with the waste from vegetable production, especially apples and its appearance is similar to hardwearing, velvety eco-leather.

Not everybody is capable of extracting tannin from wood to make furniture in the perfect shade or to use an apple to produce eco-friendly, breathable fabric; this requires long-standing experience and constant research as well as considerable entrepreneurial skill.

Without a doubt, Passoni Design is a striking example of this ability. Started in 1948 as Passoni Luigi Sedie, throughout the years the business has been passed down from generation to generation as well as a know-how for working with wood, becoming one of the most important manufacturers of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Nowadays, Tommaso, the great-grandson of the founder Luigi Passoni, oversees the running of the firm combining his passion for wood, sustainability and design with a quest for innovation, typical of a young person.

Although Passoni Design has always been faithful to principles of sustainability (the wood comes solely from sustainable forests, wax and oils are non-toxic and natural as well as the fabrics), the new generation aims to give a new, stronger impetus to the brand, a collection that looks towards the future.

Ecology, renewable sources, sustainability; this is the driving force behind Passoni Design that has started a new dialogue and new partnerships with different designers (from Atelier oï to Studio DINN) with the precise aim of putting design in service of the environment. The result is an engineered product with an ecological and eco-compatible soul that makes it possible to recover special waste (which would otherwise have to be disposed of). This is how a natural material becomes the new language of cutting edge design.



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