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Pedrali, small armchair Babila XL Recycled Grey - design Odoardo Fioravanti

| Designbest editorial staff


hink green” is Pedrali’s philosophy in launching Recycled Grey, its first collection of chairs completely made from 100% recycled materials.

Pedrali, the 100% Made-In-Italy company who has always been attentive in every design and productive phase to the choice of materials, the optimization in the consumption of raw materials, the control of emissions and recycling waste, wanted to take another step forward in order to reduce its environmental impact. It decided to experiment with a new, or rather a recovered “old”, material: 50% comes from used plastic product waste (for example from bottles or food packaging), the other 50% from industrial plastic waste.



“This mix allows us to a have a high-quality green product capable of guaranteeing top-level mechanical performances” explains CEO Giuseppe Pedrali. In order to recover used plastic, precise tests and analyses are necessary which make sure that this material becomes a full-fledged raw material. 50% percent of post-consumer waste represents the maximum for guaranteeing that this recycled material is able to withstand prolonged exposition to light and temperatures ranging from +50° C to -10° C without problems, in addition to ensuring maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning.

Among the Recycled Grey’s first releases Remind stands out, the chair designed by Eugeni Quitllet that calls back to the soft and sinuous curves of the classic wooden chairs of the second half of the nineteenth century and reinterprets them with a completely new touch. Romantic and sensual, Remindcomes from a single block of injection-molded polypropylene and has the seat and backrest available in a breathable texture that makes it even lighter and more comfortable. Its compact dimensions together with its high-resistance are perfect characteristics also for outdoor spaces.

Babila XL (always in the recycled Grey version) by Odo Fioravanti is another new release, the latest in the Babila series. It has a fram molded in polypropylene in various thicknesses with a wide seat and armrests in order to ensure maximum comfort. Naturally, it is all 100% green because, beyond having a frame completely made from recycled plastic, it can be equipped with FSC certified wooden legs (which only come from forests managed according to environmental standards).



 Ecofriendly, light and resistant, in addition to material, the new recycled Grey chairs share a common color: the neutral classic Grey in order to keep the traditional imperfections of recycled material homogenous. Each model is certified with “100% recycled” pad printing in order to ensure the highest sustainability.

“We make everything entirely in our headquarters in Mornico al Serio (Bergamo) and the factory in Manzano (Udine). This allows us to control the entire supply chain in every phase of the production process by using the latest machinery and plants, in addition to high-quality sustainable materials” explains Monica Pedrali, Giuseppe Pedrali’s sister and CEO of the brand, demonstrating that the sustainable process represents an established practice for the company. “The philosophy of sustainability that my brother Giuseppe and I are carrying forth aims to safeguard the planet. The same waste, whether industrial or post-consumer, gets converted into raw materials in full respect of the circular economy that looks to eliminate waste.”

Quality and research have gone hand in hand at Pedrali since 1963, when under the guidance of Mario Pedrali the brand turned its pioneering gaze towards innovation (while respecting traditions) and beauty with single dictate which it carries forth until today: maximum attention to the environment.



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