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Vetro Reeded by Vismaravetro (collection SK-IN)

| Designbest editorial staff


istinctively modern, this new type of frosted glass is additionally secure and versatile. The latest addition to Vismaravetro’s extensive collection, Reeded is currently available in a new style that increases the product’s versatility. Thanks to the frosted glass in fact, your intimacy and privacy are integrated with elegance and refinement and your personal wellbeing is increasingly more delicate.

Reeded by Vismaravetro is stratified safety glass, made by sandwiching a sheet of plastic in between two of tempered glass. On one side, facing the interior of the shower, there’s a 4mm-thick sheet, traditionally employed by the firm and on the other, there’s a patterned surface (4 mm thick too) with vertical waves. An authentic innovation in aesthetic and design, this material combines durability and flexibility, two key aspects of tempered glass, additionally refreshing the style of the bathroom.  

Reeded is suitable for many different uses such as shower cubicles, bespoke wet rooms and the latest addition, Suite, a partition in crystal and aluminium, especially designed to delineate showers and WC and bidets. Besides, the glass is complemented by a vast number of anodized profiles such as new nuances: metal gun, satin copper and satin gold.

Innovation, versatility and quality are the selling points of a firm that with over 70 years in the field, has transformed bespoke design in its core business. The partitions in crystal with anodized profiles are in fact, a focal point of Vismaravetro’s production and Reeded is a striking example as it represents the perfect combination of design and innovation.


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