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Lain Kitchen with Respet® cladding, design R&S Euromobil.


| Designbest editorial staff


hile waiting for regulations on the gradual reduction of plastic to be enforced, environmental sustainability enters the kitchen via its furniture. To speed things up, on the request of more sustainability-aware consumers, “conscience” companies with an ecological calling are stepping up.

Euromobil Kitchen is an emblematic example. They have included an innovative, 100% green material in their kitchen door finishes. Its name is Respet® and it is the first panel cladding for storage furniture obtained from 100% recycled plastic. It uses a fossil-fuel free production process and allows for a 60% reduction in CO2.

Respet® means respect and Recycling Eco-Sustainably with PET, polyethylene terephthalate, a so-called “precious” plastic we all use—one that is suitable for food use. The copyright and registered trademark are 3B’s, a company founded in 1945 in the province of Treviso. It started in a carpenter’s workshop and rapidly turned into a forward-thinking company. The Respet® project was developed over two years of research and was awarded the Reddot Award for product design in 2017. 


Respet, kitchen door finishes in recycled plastic by euromobil kitchen

To the left: automatized bottle cleaning operations. To the right: extrusion and lamination.


The production process starts from the selection of recycled plastic where bottles become flakes. The flakes are then extruded and laminated to become a film to be applied on the panels that make up the kitchen doors. The recycled PET laminate is an extremely resistant surface to abrasion and chemical agents. It is treated with an anti-yellowing coating that makes the color permanent and long-lasting.

It is an extraordinary revolution in the world of materials that reduces environmental impact and, at least in a small part, contributes to the safeguarding our seas from plastics.


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