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T Tower by Antrax IT - design Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez 

| Designbest editorial staff


limate change, sustainability, energy savings: we hear about these hot topics all the time, especially during winter when heaters are on full blast (and consumption goes up). Contributing to the safeguarding of the environment without giving up on maximum heating efficiency is not difficult these days because the world of designer radiators offers many environmentally friendly solutions.

Case in point, the radiators of Antrax, a brand the approaches heating by focusing almost completely on sustainability. Available in aluminum or carbon steel, the new models are 100% recyclable and designed to unite energy savings with maximum performance thanks to reduced water consumption and a trademark assembly system. Indeed, at the heart of their products one always finds state-of-the-art green technology interpreted by the most important names in international design: from Piero Lissoni to Matteo Thun, Mark Sadler, Daniele Libeskind and Victor Vasilev.

The results are sophisticated and contemporary products. Just look at T Tower, the vertical radiator designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez that was inserted in the ADI Design Index 2019 Minimal, sharp, spectacular and colorful (there are over 200 variants), this metropolitan-style sculptural radiator is freestanding. Its aluminum profile optimizes the diffusion of heat utilizing both its power supply and water system. It can be placed anywhere, even in the bathroom thanks to a special towel rail.

Elegant design, optimal functionality, attention to detail and technological innovation: T Tower is the synthesis of Antrax’s strengths. Since 2011 they have carried their ecological vocation forward by integrating the whole production chain (from a photovoltaic plant, to the production area’s innovative nanotechnology heating system, and recycled cardboard packaging). They guarantee the highest of quality products, all in the name of Made In Italy.


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