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Alias, Time armchair - design Alfredo Häberli

| Designbest editorial staff


echnological wood is the secret of Time, the armchair by Alias designed by Alfredo Häberli, whose nature it is to break the boundaries of furniture design.

Awarded with the Stylepark Selected Award at the Salone del Mobile in 2019 (the year it came out) and three-time winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, Time continues to surprise the world with its innovation. So much so that in September 2020, during 3daysofdesign—the yearly festival in Denmark that celebrates excellence in design—it was displayed at the residence of the Italian ambassador as an example of sustainability.

The principal is simple and the idea brilliant: a two-dimensional sheet made with a sandwich of wood and glass composites folded like origami into a three-dimensional shell. “We wanted to make an elastic and flexible material with a wooden base, but without the rigidity of molds” stated Andrea Sanguineti, brand manager and design director of Alias. Indeed, Time has challenged the most advanced production processes in order to give life to a new contemporary language.

The idea came from observing the world of skiing and snowboarding. Thanks to a collaboration with Strati Curvi, a Venetian company specialized in the sector, Alias was able to create the perfect material. It is just two-millimeters thick, with maximum flexibility to ensure comfort and resistance, and dedicated to sustainability. The result is a flawless and ergonomic shell able to make pure innovation coexist alongside a pronounced human element. The body, created by die-cutting the wood and composites, allows for the parts to be fitted together perfectly with stylistic balance. It creates a new style of home design by interpreting comfort as a concept that “embraces” us and the environment.

It is a gentle and embracing nest that encompasses all of its technology in natural materials and an organic and ergonomic form, to which you can added a pillow, for a natural and excellent interpretation of relaxation.



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